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We are Townsville Pavers, a locally-owned paving installation service that has been operating since 2008, servicing both residential and commercial clients in Townsville and other neighbouring suburbs. Our expertise in paving installation is fueled by more than 10 years of experience with our installers have been able to work on advanced projects all around Australia. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch services that are delivered on time and at a reasonable and competitive price. We are also Townsville’s most complete paving services with a huge selection of paving materials including, but not limited to:

At Paving Townsville, we specialise in pavers and paving solutions. Our installers know the ins and outs of the industry and we ALWAYS strive to exceed your expectations.

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Paving can be an expensive investment for your property. At Pavers Townsville, we’re able to purchase 


Our entire business is banked on the virtue of honesty and transparency. We strive to ALWAYS provide honest and fair quotations and pricing in an attempt to make our services accessible to everyone.


We believe that a culture of integrity is essential in providing a service that will not only provide a good service that can satisfy our clients but can also make sure that they come back and be loyal to us.


Our decades of work experience has propelled our company to always aim to for perfection. It has always been our promise to try to exceed all the expectations we have set.

Townsville Pavers is committed to provide pavers of the highest quality.

Pavers have the ability to transform any space into something special. Depending on the type of pavers you use, they have the capacity to illicit certain aesthetics and invoke spectacular design. On top of its aesthetic benefits, pavers also allow you to maximize the space that you already have – allowing you to have a space for you and your family to relax and enjoy. 

For whatever purpose you may have for using pavers, there will always be a plethora of materials that you can choose from. The most popular are bricks, which has been used since time immemorial. It’s a classic that allows you to pave your lawns, path walks, driveways, and other areas with guaranteed beauty. Other popular choices include cobblestones, limestones, marbles, wood, and sandstone. However, it has to be understood that not all pavers are created equal. Some are of a higher quality than others. In order to know if your pavers are good, you have to look at the following characteristics:

The quality of the pavers you use for your installation is only half the story. Having a paving service that can guarantee a clean and professional workmanship is the other half. Here at Townsville Pavers, wo don’t only have the best of the best paver installers in the area but we also have a huge inventory of available pavers that you can choose from. Talk to one of our experts today to learn more about the different choices that we have for you!

shiny pavers at Townsville Pavers
concrete pavers laid in a circ at Townsville Pavers

What Our Customers Have to Say

Paving Materials

Your driveway is an integral part of your home’s curb appeal, and it can also affect the potential value. Many different materials exist for paving a new driveway in front of your house; segmented driveways offer many design options that are perfect for any style home while also providing maintenance advantages over other surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of pavers that are available in Townsville Pavers. Our inventory includes common materials like bricks, concrete, and stones. Beyond that, we also have unique pavers that are more advanced in terms of application. See below the different paving materials that you can choose from. The most widely available paving materials fall into two broad categories: quarried stone and composite material. Quarried stone, such as granite and slate, is dug out of the ground then shaped by splitting it or cutting it down to size with a chisel. Composite paving like a brick is processed at some point before they’re fired in order for them to be hard enough so that people can walk on the surface without breaking through when wet from rainwater.

The endless choices of paving materials offer a range of options for the designer and clients. Different pavements have different advantages, but also disadvantages that make them better suited to specific locations/setups than others. By understanding your needs before you start shopping around, it will be easier to select what is right for you within budget constraints as well as durability concerns (i.e., if there’s heavy traffic or not).

intricately-laid-bricks-in-different-sizes at townsville pavers

Among all the available pavers, bricks is one of the most popular because of its classic impact. They are very durable as they are made by heating clay in a kiln, adding to its toughness. Bricks are also a good alternative to concrete pavers because unlike the latter, brick pavers do not easily crack in high temperature and its colors don’t fade over time. Townsville Pavers have the highest quality bricks available. Inquire today!

concrete-paving-wtih-hammer at townsville pavers

Concrete pavers are also ones of the most popular among all the paver/materials that are available in the market. While it is more expensive than poured concrete, it is also more durable and tough. Its composite aesthetic also mimics other materials like limestone and bricks. However, concrete pavers have the tendency to crack under high temperatures and for its color to fade over time.

beautiful multi coloured flagstones at Townsville Pavers

Through the way that flagstones are formed in the wild, it has become one of the most beautiful paver material that you can choose. It is a sedimentary rock that has formed under pressure and its unique properties make each piece fit perfectly with each other. They are an ideal material for patios and landscaping but because it’s relatively thinner, it’s not a good choice for driveways. Flagstones also come with a variety of colors!

travertine pavers installed in a garden at Townsville Pavers

Similar to Flagstones, travertine pavers are also made of natural sedimentary rock that is formed under extreme pressure and condition. As a type of limestone, travertine pavers have impressive heat-insulating properties, making them perfect for outdoor installations.

marble pavers that are laid parrallel to each other at Townsville Pavers

Marble is yet another natural forming material that has become a popular paving material. It forms by subjecting limestone to extreme pressure, eventually making a beautiful white or grey aesthetics. It’s also one of the most durable materials that you can choose. However, it comes at a high price point.

cobblestone pavers at Townsville Pavers

Cobblestones are manufactured primarily using granite; however, some cobblestones are made by other materials like basalt, sandstone or limestone. As one of the oldest paver material, its popularity is derived from its inherent durability and versatility. Inquire today to learn more!

Driveway Paving Townsville

Your driveway is an integral part of your home’s curb appeal, and it can also affect the potential value. Many different materials exist for paving a new driveway in front of your house; segmented driveways offer many design options that are perfect for any style home while also providing maintenance advantages over other surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to have a basic asphalt or concrete driveway. With so many other driveway paving options available, such as pavers and stone surfaces, for instance, it’s no surprise that homeowners are looking to ditch the old standby of an all-concrete parking space in favour of something new and exciting. To help you navigate this brave sea of change successfully with your own plans for resurfacing at home – whether you’re installing a brand spanking new one or simply replacing what’s already there – we’ll go over some helpful tips below on how to choose the perfect paper type from among those currently out there today.

What Kind of Pavers Do You Want?

There are many different paver types, but one of the most common is brick. Brick has a variety of designs and colours to choose from depending on your preferences. Bricks may be more expensive than other materials or systems, but they have good drainage for protecting homes against flooding in high water situations such as hurricanes. They also last longer with less maintenance by keeping weeds out due to their porous surface which helps keep moisture away and prevents cracking over time caused by freezing temperatures during winter months when frost forms under pavers that haven’t been sealed properly yet.

Brick pavers are stylish, durable and easy to maintain. The only problem is that they can be expensive, labor intensive and require regular upkeep as a result of their durability. Concrete pavers may not last long due to the color fading over time or cracking in extreme temperature fluctuations but there’s no denying how well it blends with other materials such as brick for an eclectic look unlike any you’ve ever seen before!

tesselated concrete pavers at Townsville Pavers
a-beautiful-garage-with-concrete-drivewayat townsville pavers
hand laying down bricks at Townsville Pavers
Hard-landscaping-new-luxury-patio-and-garden at townsville pavers

Outdoor Paving Townsville

When it comes to building a patio, there are many things to consider. Whether you want something that will last for years or one with more variety of textures and colours, we can help design the perfect addition! There’s nothing better than throwing an outdoor party on your new paver patio! With so much going into choosing materials for construction around the home these days–from synthetic turf installation in backyards all across America (and even abroad) to indoor kitchen remodelling projects big and small–the options seem endless. Why not enjoy some time outdoors this year by adding on a fully customizable paver deck?

You might choose to use pavers for your patio or outdoor living space, but if you want a driveway that won’t crack under the weight of vehicles then you will need to find something with plenty of strength. Small unit size is generally sufficient unless it needs more thickness and larger paving slabs are usually too thin when they measure less than 6cm in width.

When you have a vision of what your project needs to look like, it doesn’t matter how much time and effort is needed. There are many different styles for concrete pavers in today’s market; from the traditional finish which provides an appearance that looks similar to old world construction techniques or the rustic, tumbled paver with worn edges designed specifically for those looking for more natural stone aesthetics. The possibilities are endless when choosing textures!

Once you know exactly what kind of texture speaks best to your style preferences, think about whether or not this particular job will require hiring someone else to work on it- especially if major projects such as pools come into play.

Pool Paving Townsville

The options for materials when designing a pool seem endless. You can choose to build the decking of your pool from any number of possibilities, like poured slab or natural stone — but why not make it interesting and use pavers?

The design process doesn’t have to be boring. When you are choosing materials such as tiles or wood for building your deck around the bottom part of your swimming pool, how about using something different by opting with bricks instead?


Pavers are the most durable material that can be used to deck a pool. They have no fading, they will not splinter or crack like wood and natural stone, and even brick is less resilient when it comes to cracking because of how brittle bricks tend to become over time as well as their inherent weakness against moisture. This company also offers a lifetime warranty on all its products which means you do not need any worries about your investment being in jeopardy with exposure to harsh elements such as sun damage from UV rays or chemicals for chlorine pools.


Wet feet are a common hazard in the kitchen. Often, tile and natural stone surfaces get slippery when wet because they don’t have any tread to help with traction. Pavers will keep your family safe no matter how wet their surface gets!

Design Flexibility

Pavers come in many styles and colors to fit any homeowner’s taste. Whether you are seeking a natural design that blends into the lush landscaping or looking for something more modern, there is sure to be an option for you! Pavers also work well with other hardscapes such as retaining walls and steps so homeowners can create cohesive designs by blending them together.

shiny pavers at Townsville Pavers
Luxurious-swimming-pool-with-stone-waterfall at townsville pavers

The Beauty Of Paving in Townsville

Pavers are perfect for those looking to create a long-lasting, attractive and timeless look in their garden. With endless colours available you can find the right one that suits your taste and budget – all while giving you beautiful landscaping results!

Pavers offer an affordable way with which to make lasting changes about your home’s appearance. Choose from different types of pavers depending on what best fits your tastes & needs: sodalite or calacatta marble if it is durability, natural stone such as slate if it is esthetics? Decide based off what type of project (driveway vs patio) but overall paving stones have something great for everyone who wants change around their house!

We have the right pavers to fit your needs. We carry natural stone, clay and brick as well as concrete with a variety of finishes and styles for all types of projects. At Pavers Townsville we make it easy by carrying everything you need so that you can create something beautiful in any part of town! At Pavers Townsville, they are able to offer you all types of pavers and paver finishes. This makes the hardest part choosing which material is best for your project! Driveways, patios, walkways – with so many options available it’s easy getting started on your next home improvement project.

Areas We Serve

Property owners who wish to have a relaxing and entertaining space in their patios and outdoor spaces may constantly be scouring for paving experts to enhance their exterior spaces. If you are in the Townsville areas, here are the suburbs that we currently serve:

  • West End
  • Rollingstone
  • Pinnacles
  • Crystal Creek
  • Woodstock
  • Horseshoe Bay
  • Alligator Creek
  • Murray
  • Calcium
  • Castle Hill
  • Shelly Beach
  • Arcadia
  • Balgal Beach
  • Kirwan
  • Bluewater
  • Bushland Beach
  • Garbutt
  • Aitkenvale
  • Mount Louisa
  • Vincent

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The cost of a paving project can vary depending on several factors. Things like the area to be paved, the type of paver to be used, the preparations needed, and the intricacy of design play a vital role in determining the cost of a project. If you are looking for a cost-effective paving services, contact Townsville Pavers today and we will provide you with the best deals in the area!

What is the best Paver to use for my driveway?

You have to consider primarily two things to know what type of paver to use. Your budget is one of the main consideration. If your budget is in the lower end, you can always choose concrete pavers or bricks. However, if you are after a more luxurious vibe, flagstones, marbles, and cobblestones are great alternatives.

How long before you can finish a project?

The duration of the project generally depends on a few things. The amount of preparations that is needed before the actual paving, the area to be paved, and the intricacy of your design can affect the duration of your project. If you need a more accurate estimate, request for a quote today and one of our experts will provide you with a realistic time frame. 

How can we contact you?

You can call our number at (07) 4243 6227 or send us an email at [email protected] One of our friendly representatives will help you through all of your concerns!