Top Advantages of Cobblestone Pavers in Driveways

Need to upgrade your exterior surfaces? Since hardscape areas are often exposed to harsh elements, heavy payloads and extreme weather conditions, they have to be paved with durable and robust surface material. However, picking the right one for your driveway can be a challenge with all the colours, designs, and finishes available out there. That is why it might be better to consult a professional who can help you determine the right material that best suits your specifications and preferences for your exterior surfaces.

At Townsville Pavers, we understand that some homeowners may find the variety of surface materials for outdoor areas overwhelming. So, if you are scouring for some recommendations for your pathway or driveway, one of the most sought-after paving materials you can look into is cobblestone pavers.

Cobblestone pavers are a classic surface option for hardscape areas. This material is small blocks of pavement that are typically manufactured from various natural stones such as limestone, sandstone and granite. Besides that, there are also varieties that use concrete and bricks. Want to know more about cobblestone pavers? Check out its benefits below.


One of the prominent problems in driveways and pathways are stains. Although stains can’t directly affect the functionality of your exterior surfaces, they can still ruin the curb appeal and theme of your property. Oil spills and tire marks are inevitable, so it might be better to invest in high-quality paving material that can resist stain and discolouration.

Fortunately, the majority of cobblestone paver varieties are made of granite, sandstone, limestone or bluestone. So once they are properly sealed, this paving material can effectively resist stains and look good as new even after a few years. We recommend sealing your cobblestone pavers every year. This process can help improve the strength and durability of your pavers as well as maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Hardwearing and Long-Lasting

If you are scouring for the best surface material for your hardscape areas, you have to look for the one that can offer you the durability you require. Cobblestone pavers are naturally durable, so they can be a great choice for areas exposed to external pressure, heavy foot and car traffic as well as harsh outdoor elements. These paving materials will not easily crack or break even when your place is prone to unfavourable weather conditions.

If they are properly installed and maintained, cobblestone driveways can potentially last for a few decades. Besides that, if ever you have defective, loose or broken cobblestone pavers, you can conveniently replace them. You don’t have to allocate an extensive amount for repairs or change the whole driveway because you just have to remove the affected parts and replace them with new ones.

Various Design Choices

Cobblestone paver is both an economical and aesthetically pleasing choice. It has a unique and rustic appearance that can be customized to suit your style preferences. Cobblestone pavers look best for properties with vintage structural designs. However, you can still conveniently use them as unique addition in homes with contemporary themes because they are available in a wide array of schemes, colours and designs. Through cobblestone pavers, you can achieve various intricate and elegant patterns and designs that can substantially transform the curb appeal of your hardscape areas.


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