Top Advantages of Cobblestone Pavers in Driveways

Need to upgrade your exterior surfaces? Since hardscape areas are often exposed to harsh elements, heavy payloads and extreme weather conditions, they have to be paved with durable and robust surface material. However, picking the right one for your driveway can be a challenge with all the colours, designs, and finishes available out there. That […]

Advantages of Travertine Pavers on Pool Decks

A well-built swimming pool is a great feature that will elevate your home’s look, market value, and functionality. It is also an excellent way to enjoy and bond with your family and friends once summer arrives. However, constructing a new pool or renovating your existing one is not a simple project you can finish in […]

Can Pavers Be Painted?

If you’re not satisfied with how your pavers look, you might be considering painting them to enhance their overall appearance. Yes, it is possible to paint the pavers, however, the real question should be, “Should I paint my pavers?” Although you can paint your pavers, painting them is not recommended. Why Is It Not Recommended […]

Top 5 Materials To Pave Your Driveway

Your driveway is the first thing people notice, and using the best material for it will leave a lasting impression. Before deciding on which material to use, you should consider the pros and cons. For your convenience, we listed the top 5 materials for your driveway. Townsville Paving is dedicated to serving jaw-dropping paving solutions […]

Pavers vs Concrete: Breaking Down The Comparisons

a-beautiful-garage-with-concrete-drivewayat townsville pavers

If you’re adding a driveway or patio in your outdoor space, you might be considering pavers and concrete. Both materials are good, but you will have to consider their pros and cons. At Townsville Pavers, it’s pretty obvious what we prefer – if you are looking to get a professional paving job done, we’re your […]